Shemar Moore

Is Shemar Moore Gay or Straight? Read our Gay-Ta File on him and learn if Shemar Moore is potentially a Gay Celebrity. Gay rumors may about Shemar Moore as a potential gay actor. Do you think they are true? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts. Do you think Shemar Moore is straight or gay?

Shemar Moore Gay-Ta File

  • Birthday: April 20, 1970
  • Place of Birth: Oakland, CA
  • Astrological Sign: Taurus

Celebrity Type: Actor

Sexual Orientation: Identifies as Straight 

Relationship History: Who’s Dating Who Profile for Shemar Moore

Famous Quotes: 

"People find it interesting to try to make me gay; I’m not gay. I went on vacation with two girlfriends of mine who, interestingly enough, got cut out of the pictures.”

IMBD Bio For Shemar Moore 

Shemar Moore was born on April 20, 1970 in Oakland, California, USA as Shemar Franklin Moore. He is an actor, known for Criminal Minds (2005), Diary of a Mad Black Woman (2005) and The Brothers (2001). – IMBD

Wikipedia Snippet “Moore played the role of Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless for eight years. In November 2004, he returned to The Young and the Restless after originally planning to leave the show, but after a few months he dropped back to recurring status and left in September 2005. In 2007, he said, "My time is done on Y&R. I did eight solid years as Malcolm."

He has won fans due to his high-profile modeling, often shirtless and in erotic shots. He is signed to DNA Model Management in New York City. Moore appeared on the March 2009 issue of Men's Fitness magazine” - Wikipedia Comments

Shemar Moore is perhaps one of the hottest actors on television. He is not a new commodity either as this striking man came to most people’s attention during his years on the hit daytime soap opera, The Young and the Restless.

He also made an impression on Soul Train. Built, buff and ridiculously hot, Shemar Moore is considered a Hollywood Hottie. Many have wondered if he is one of America's gay celebrities or may one day identify as a gay actor.

Is Shemar Moore Straight or Gay?


    1. If we’re taking our best guess…..I’m going to say that by all that I can see and hear and even “pick-up on” as in intuition….I’m saying he’s 100% straight. But how do we know? He identifies as straight…..why would he if he’s not….in this day and age. ??

    2. Who cares! He is a handsome actor with a body most of us would love to have. We cannot judge him on his sexual preferences. And if is he gay, so what? It simply means that thousands of women out there will be a little disappointed. Unfortunately, he is not a great actor. But then again, look at the series. Now, enough of this gay stuff.

      1. Carlos, obviously you cared enough to post here. Your post assumes something is wrong with being gay – like it is something to be ashamed of. We don’t feel that way nor do the majority of readers of this blog. Also, I can only speak for myself but I think he is an excellent actor. :)

    1. Nina Really. That’s what I say. Do people think he doesn’t know if he’s gay or straight? Do they think he’s lying? There’s no need to lie anymore in this society!

  1. When you look like that, who gives a damn! Plus his work for MS is outstanding. His Baby Girl clothes line is great. Gay…..Straight……I love him for the person he is

  2. He is straight but since he is so good looking men try to say he is gay because they feel if they say he is gay that leaves more women for them. I believe it is because those guys are jealous

  3. I agree that he is FINE AS HELL and I have loved him since the first time I saw him on Y&R…BUT I’m going with gay. As fine as he is, there isn’t nearly enough relationship scandal.

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