Chris Hemsworth Gay or Straight?

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Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is one of the hottest male celebrities to hit Hollywood since Brad Pitt. Come on now admit it – seeing Chris Hemsworth shirtless is hot! Standing at a whopping 6’3, Hemsworth has crystal blue eyes and a body that just won’t stop. Given his stunning looks, it’s no surprise this sexy actor has millions of fans worldwide.

Followers of Hemsworth want to know everything about him, including information about his workouts, listings of his movies and specifics about his personal relationships. Going on rumors, some folks want to know if Chris Hemsworth is gay.

Let’s take a peek behind the gossip and explore some of the reasons why gay rumors may exist about this Hollywood hunk.  At the end of this post, you can take part in our poll and share your thoughts about the actor in our discussion area.

Chris Hemsworth Gay-Ta File

– Born August 11, 1983
– Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia
– Sign: Leo
– Celebrity Type: Actor
– Sexual Orientation: Identifies as Straight
– Relationship history:
– Who’s Dated Who Chris Hemsworth
– Chris Hemsworth Quotes
Being a Superhero is a lot of fun” (Brainy Quote)

Reason #1: Hemsworth covered Out Magazine

One of the main sources of juice behind pink whispers about Hemsworth relates to his appearance on the cover of Out Magazine in April of 2012. The article within the periodical offered a detailed biography of the actor’s life, including his start as an Australian soap opera star through his difficult transition to life in Hollywood upon first moving to the United States.

As shared in the magazine, when Hemsworth first came to tinsel-town, he was basically was unemployed for 9-months, having to babysit for his manager just to make enough money to pay the bills. The article goes on to explore his first movie role in the 2009 rebooted, Star Treka film that starred Chris Pine, another Hollywood celebrity who has been the subject of gay gossip.

From 2009 through 2011, Hemsworth appeared in a number of flicks, including A Perfect Getaway and Cabin in the Woods By the time he debuted in his breakout movie, Thor in 2011, the sexy Aussie had already developed a fairly large gay following.

And so when Chris Hemsworth appeared on the cover of Out, some people just assumed that the actor had “come out of the closet” without reading the actual article.

Someone online blogs such as All the People Say, stoked the pink flames of gossip about Hemsworth big-time … with posts that teased speculative questions about the actor “coming out of the closet”. The same blog also claimed that “Rumors that Chris Hemsworth is gay are persistent”, which only helped to contribute to the meme that the actor was gay.

When you add it all up, it is easy to see how a number of different elements combined, including fact and faction, to create a viral storm of heavy pink gossip.

As we have seen with other celebrities, anytime an actor is considered to be “hot”, particularly by gay men, rumors are sure to follow. In fact, being a sexy man that appears in a gay related magazine or blog hits one of the 10 reasons gay celebrity rumors start in the first place.

Credit: The Wire

Credit: The Wire

Reason #2: Gay Thor Poster

One other item that helped to contribute to gay chit-chat about Chris Hemsworth relates to a “gay Thor poster” that wascreated by a fan. Somehow, the poster was accidentally used by a Shanghai theater to promote the flick to passersby (GayStarNews).

On the image itself, we see a muscular Chris Hemsworth wrapping his hands around co-star Tom Hiddleston, who co-stars in the film.

The poster of Hemsworth and Hiddleston was shared heavily on social media and touted as evidence that either Thor and/or Chris Hemsworth had suddenly “turned gay”. GLBT focused blogs, such as Queerty, did share the poster story but also informed readers that the image was a fake.

The “Gay Thor” poster contributed heavily to pink lines of traffic on Chris Hemsworth without a doubt!

Reason #3: Steroid Rumors

After Thor came out in 2011, many people wanted to know about Chris Hemsworth’s workout routine, given how muscular he appeared in the movie. Some have publically suggested that Hemsworth could not have gotten so big without the help of performance enhancing drugs. The LA Times ran a piece in 2011 entitled, “Muscle Summer: the Men of Captain America, Thor and Conan”, which touched upon the use of steroids in Hollywood.

Gay blogs, such as Towleroad, also started to pick up on the Chris Hemsworth body size topic and ran stories about the actor’s muscles. The issue of steroid use is a particularly hot topic within the gay community and openly discussed on blogs like Homorazzi. While not a “gay rumor” about Hemsworth per se, his name is often connected to gay related conversations that focus on physical fitness. A simple Internet search on the topic of “Hemsworth” +”Steroids” and “Gay” will reveal a bucket load of gossip and speculation for you to check out.

What do you think?

Chris Hemsworth a gifted actor who an amazing body. Those blue eyes seem to pierce right through you in an uncanny way. The gay rumors involving the Thor star appear to be energized by a lot of wishful thinking on the part of some fans. It is important to note here that brother Liam Hemsworth has also been the subject of gay related rumors.

The public reporting shows that Chris Hemsworth is married (Wikipedia). There is no credible evidence to suggest that the man is anything but full on straight, which kind of negates many of the so called gay rumors floating around about him. Most of the gossip seems to be made up from thin air. Although there is Chris’s very close friend in Matt Damon.

For fun, we will put the question of Chris Hemsworth up for a vote and encourage you to chime in with your thoughts about this super sexy actor. What do you think about alleged steroid use? Why do you think gay rumors have started about the actor? And finally …

Is Chris Hemsworth Gay, Straight or Bi?


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