Channing Tatum Bisexual, Gay or Straight?

Channing Tatum Bisexual, Gay or Straight?

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Super sexy Channing Tatum is one of the hottest celebrities on the planet. People love this guy for his movies, his acting skills, his dancing abilities and of course, his hot body. He has a large fan base that includes a good mix of bi, straight and gay people alike, which says something about the actor’s saleability with the masses. Tatum reached mega-watt celebrity status in a short period of time, rocketing upwards in popularity ever since he jumped onto into show business in 2000. 

But his bright comet-trail at times has given off pink and purple vapors.  As you probably already know, there have been a number of bisexual and gay rumors floating around about Tatum’s for some time, which have caused some folks to seriously speculate about the actor’s sexual orientation.  “Is Channing Tatum bisexual, gay or bi curious?” some will ask.

Others will repeat juicy gossip and say things like, “I heard the dude is gay” for example.   But is any of what you hear grounded in truth or are we collectively dealing with wishful thinking on the part of some gay men?

Let’s take a peek behind the gay/bi gossip to help better understand these rumors and find out how they started. After reading, you may be better able to understand why the “Is Channing Tatum Bi”question floating around with such power. 

  Channing Tatum Gay-Ta-File  

– Born April 26, 1980

– Place of Birth: Cullman, Alabama –        

– Sign: Taurus

– Celebrity Type: Actor   Sexual Orientation: Identifies as Straight Who’s Dating Who Data File for Channing Tatum  

Body Type: Jock


Famous Quotes: “With Joe Manganiello naked in a movie, I think even straight guys are going to be, ‘Shit, I need to see that. That man is a specimen.’”- 2012

Background on Channing Tatum Alabama born Channing Matthew Tatum is southern boy who grew up in a tiny small town just 50 miles north of Birmingham. As a young man, he played football plus other sports and became skilled in the martial arts, primarily at Kung Fu.  

Life as a Stripper

Later in life, he moved to the Tampa area and started working construction and sales jobs. When he was 18 years old, he began stripping at night clubs, according to an interview he gave with The Sydney Morning Herald in 2010.  “It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time and I got out unscathed. It’s nothing I’m ashamed of and I’m not proud of it either. I wanted to talk about it in the beginning of my career but my publicist wouldn’t let me.” Reporting on the so called “stripping years” indicates that his nickname on stage was Chan Crawford, as posted by Perez Hilton .  

FYI – his work as a stripper became the inspiration for an important movie that would come later in life, particularly for gay men, called Magic Mike  

What May Fuel Bisexual and Gay Rumors about Channing Tatum

There have been a number of pink whispers floating around in recent years about Channing Tatum that have bisexual, bi curious and/or gay tones. Some of these rumors specifically speculate on gossip related to the actor being “gay for pay”. For those who do not know, the term “gay for pay” refers to a man who self-identifies as straight but for the right price, will consider engaging in gay related sexual behaviors.

What follows are a few of the main accelerants that seem to fuel the gay gossip on Tatum, along with quotes from the sexy actor whenever possible to offer context. Keep in mind that it does not take much for gay rumors about Hollywood celebrities to start making their rounds, particularly if the movie star is massively attractive, as in the case of Channing Tatum. 

Reason #1: He used to be a stripper  

It is no secret that Channing used to be a male stripper. In 2012, a number of online blogs began to report heavily on this topic with some offering photographs of his stage act days.

A few of these blogs contained language from unnamed sources suggesting the gay for pay stuff. You can do an Internet search and find them easily.  None of these blogs have any evidence to support the comments.

Reason #2: He has been in Five “Gay” movies

This particular area of gossip and rumor directly relates to the roles the actor has played in movies.  As Huffington Post ‘s Derek Hartley shared in a 2013 article entitled, “Channing Tatum’s 5 Gayest Movie Roles”, one can see there was already pink language attached to the actor given some of the movie themes. Hartley adds in his article about Tatum’s movies, “They keep getting gayer and gayer”.

The films pointed out in the Huffington Post include: Magic Mike (2012), She’s the Man (2006), The Eagle, (2011), 21 Jump Street (2012) and This is the End (2013).

Magic Mike and The Eagle respectively have fairly obvious gay undertones (more to come on The Eagle).  

FYI: Anytime a sexy male celebrity appears in a flick that has the slightest whiff of a gay theme, gay rumors are sure to follow. 

Reason #3: He has made bisexual/gay remarks

Tatum has made a several remarks over the years that have caused some to wonder if he may be bisexual, bi curious or gay.

George Clooney Remarks

In 2012 he out and out said he would have sex with George Clooney. As reported by the UK’s Sun+ and then carried by Huffington Post, Channing Tatum shared that he had developed a “Man Crush” on Clooney, stating that, “I’ve spent time with George Clooney, and he’s the most interesting man on the planet. He can do it all. I guess what I’m saying is I’d have sex with him,” Tatum reportedly said at a screening for his new movie.” (Huffington Post).

Jamie Bell Remarks

In 2011, Channing Tatum gave an interview to Vulture about The Eagle, where he played the role of Marcus Flavius Aquila, a Centurion from Rome. In this movie, Tatum’s character has a slave named Esca, played by Jamie Bell.  

One would think that having two male leads in a movie that featured a master/slave relationship as enough to cause pink whispers but apparently not. The major source of gay gossip regarding this particular film relates to remarks Tatum gave to The Vulture about his personal friendship with Bell. In the interview, Tatum is asked about having a real life “bromance” with Bell.

He offered the following as a response: Jamie and I have a bromance. We’ve been having sex for a few years now“

Jamie and I have a bromance. We’ve been having sex for a few years now

” (Vulture, 2011).  

While it appears what the actor said in Vulture was in jest, it was all that the gay gossip machine needed to go into big time overdrive. A quick Internet search will reveal this point, should you want to check it out. 


Reason #4: Tatum’s burnt penis

As reported in Details and Us Weekly in 2010, the actor severely burned part of the family jewels while trying to get warm during filming of The Eagle.  He apparently needed morphine to subdue the pain. You can read the articles to get more information. The fact that Channing Tatum and the word penis appear in the same sentence anywhere is sure to grab peoples’ attention and cause loads of gay gossip.

Reason #5: Clever Blog Posts

The real source of the bisexual rumors specifically relates to a post created by the celebrity gossip site, Oh No They Didn’t (ONTD) in which they posted on 5/18/2012, “Tatum Channing Comes Out”.


The post itself appears to be an interesting play on words about Tatum’s interview with Out Magazine in of that same year. Upon reading the information on ONTD, it becomes fairly apparent the blog was being clever when choosing the posting title for the story, perhaps in an effort to drive traffic to the site.  It is important to note here that some folks appeared to have not fully read the article and assumed Channing Tatum had “suddenly” come out of the closet.  

Others had “heard” Tatum had “outted himself”, essentially repeating the repeat of gossip heard elsewhere. As you can see, the rumor was false.

Pink FYI: There is a fun post created by ONTD that shows Channing Tatum bending over/squatting for Elton John – with Elton’s hand in an interesting place.

#6 False “Coming Out” Rumors

There was a massive rumor floating around the Internet that Tatum Channing gave a TV interview in which he came out as bisexual. Some lines of gossip say he did it on MTV. Others suggest he did it on E-TV. Regardless, the rumor appears to be false.

Some blogs have capitalized on the bad gossip and actually named blog posts in a way that hint at the juicy rumor in what may be an effort to drive traffic to their site. When you click on these types of webpages however after doing an Internet search, you find nothing more than a question, “Did Channing Tatum come out on TV?” Pretty tricky stuff, huh?

You can see how this kind of rumor keeps spreading in perpetuity, given the dynamics.


Gay Celebrity Gossip Thoughts

Tatum Channing has fans on every corner of this planet and a lot of them are gay men. What’s not to like about the guy? He is hot, built and has a very warm disposition – plus he is a very talented actor. He was on the cover of Out way back in 2002 as part of his work as a model and since that time has frequently been featured in gay related magazines. He’s is LGBT friendly for sure and his hit movie, Magic Mike was tailor made for gay audiences.

With that shared, it seems that many of the rumors can be traced to a variety of instances where fact and fiction unite to create a sloppy mix of gossip. The facts show Tatum is married and has a child.

And so for fun, we will ask the following…

Is Channing Tatum is Bisexual, Straight or Gay? 



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