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Jensen ackles cute beard

Jensen Ackles Gay Fantasy Man

Five Fun Facts about Jensen Ackles! One of the most striking male celebrities on television is Texas born, Jensen Ackles. This rugged and handsome actor has a huge fan base consisting of gay and straight folks alike! One of the…

colton haynes boyfriend

Colton Haynes Gay Boyfriend Fantasy!

Colton Haynes Boyfriend Material? Colton Haynes is definitely gay boyfriend material in our book. In fact, we think Colton Haynes is boyfriend material for anyone! We’ve written about the super handsome actor before and explored some of the reasons why…

grant gustin gay straight

Grant Gustin Gay or Straight?

Is Grant Gustin Gay in Real Life? Grant Gustin will debut as the Flash (Barry Allen) as part of the CW’s new fall lineup. People are curious about this former Glee star (Sebastian Smythe) and are eager to know everything…

daniel sunjata sexy

Daniel Sunjata Gay Straight?

Why Do People Think Sunjata is Gay? Daniel Sunjata is a smoking hot actor that you have likely seen on a number of television shows and movies. With skin that looks kissed by the sun and a million dollar smile,…

joemanganiello gay straight

Joe Manganiello Gay or Straight?

Joe Manganiello Gay? Rocketing upwards towards mega-star status, Joe Manganiello has quickly become one of the most widely recognized celebrities on the planet. This True Blood hottie who plays the part of Alcide Herveaux on the hit HBO series has…

aaron tveit gay straight

Aaron Tveit Gay or Straight?

Is Aaron Tveit Gay or Straight Aaron Tveit has developed quite the following in recent years and has become popular with television audiences worldwide. You may recall this sexy actor from popular television shows Credit: such as Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty and the Good Wife.  His most recent gig at the time of this [...]

iam somerhalder gay straight

Ian Somerhalder Gay or Straight?

Ian Somerhalder Gay or Straight? One of the sexiest male actors to hit the entertainment industry in recent years is Ian Somerhalder. You have likely watched him on television shows such as Lost and the Vampire Diaries. Somerhalder is a former model who quickly began to pick up in work in Hollywood as insiders quickly [...]

Cam Gigandet gay straight

Cam Gigandet Gay or Straight?

Cam Gigandet Straight or Gay? Visually striking and flat out hot, Cam Gigandet is perhaps one of the most beautiful male actors to come out of Hollywood in quite some time. His handsome young face, chiseled, tight body and deep blue eyes are the stuff fantasies are made of. This star has millions of followers [...]

gio benitez gay or straight

Gio Benitez Gay or Straight?

Is Gio Benitez Gay or Straight? One of the hottest guys on network television delivering news content is ABC’s Gio Benitez. If you have never seen this man before, get ready for some major eye candy. In fact, Gio is so hot, we are rating him a 10 on the woof-scale for his bulging biceps alone! [...]

parker young gay straight

Parker Young Gay or Straight?

Parker Young Gay or Straight? Parker Young is a relatively new actor that has caught the attention of both gay and straights alike. Personifying eye candy, this TV hunk has a rock hard body with six pack abs that can be almost mesmerizing to look at.  A former Calvin Klein model who also appeared on [...]

derek theler gay straight

Derek Theler Gay or Straight?

Is Derek Theler Gay or Straight? Derek Theler is one of the hottest new actors to hit television in recent memory and his presence has not gone unnoticed by gay men. This ABC Family “Baby Daddy” Star is visually stunning! If you have never seen Derek Theler shirtless, you are missing some major eye candy! [...]


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