Chris Pine facts and trivia

25 Chris Pine Facts + Super Cute Videos!

25 Chris Pine Facts It’s Chris Pine month all month long here on the blog. That’s right – we decided to dedicate the entire month of August to a man that many fans happen to love – particularly those who…

rob lowe gay rumors

Rob Lowe Gay Rumors + Videos!

Rob Lowe Gay Rumors + Other Fun Facts If you want a clear-cut example of an actor with tremendous staying power, look no farther than Rob Lowe. Rob Lowe shot to stardom over thirty years ago in a wide range…

Chris Pine Month

August is Chris Pine Month!

A Month of Chris Pine In celebration of Chris Pine and the fact that his birthday happens to be later this month on August 26, we’ve decided to do one post a week that exclusively focuses on the handsome actor…

gay celebrity gossip monthly roundup

Gay Gossip Monthly Roundup: July, 2015

Gay Celebrity Gossip Monthly Recap Welcome to Gay Celebrity Gossip’s monthly roundup post, where we take a quick peek at some of our most popular stories for the month of July, 2015. In this post, we’ll explore some topics that popped…


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